intro Navy PO1 Checking In!

This is a JVHV member's introduction during the muster's roll call


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USN: Petty Officer First Class (E-6)
Hey everyone, Petty Officer 1st Class (Navy) here, along with the crew! (Wouldn't be surprised if my wife jumps in with some questions while we navigate through this VA process together.)

After spending a solid twelve years with the incredible Navy, we decided to settle down just outside Bremerton, Washington. We found a spot that's easy on the wallet, right on the edge of town, but still close to a familiar base (Kitsap). The weather here is just perfect - we get those sunny, yet cool summers and just the right amount of snow days in winter for skiing and enjoying the chilly activities. Oh, and you can't beat the plentiful amount of mountains and trails to hike!

Just a little heads up for when you're chatting with me - you might have to sound off because of my non-service-connected hearing loss and some serious military-grade tinnitus (that I plan on appealing for that 10% as I reach closer to 100%)! 🤣


USA: Staff Sergeant (E-6)

Here's to us both, uncovering the lost bits of the puzzle that'll cement our VA compensation cases, ensuring that we are granted what we rightfully earned.


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Marine Corps
USMC: Sergeant (E-5)
I must admit, I felt a bit of jealousy here. Being mostly landlocked, I did, however, get the opportunity to be taxied about by the Navy for a short while.

Those were some fun times.


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USMC: Corporal (E-4)
I know the area quite well! I'm sure you and your family will enjoy it there, especially when you get that 100% bump.

Welcome to JVHV!