question After getting my rating last Friday, when will the back pay deposit?

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My back pay appears in the payment history, but the date is listed as N/A. Got my rating last Friday. When's it likely to hit my account by direct deposit?


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Should just be a couple more days, maybe even this week if things keep going your way.


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Mostly from what I see, many veterans typically receive the payment by direct deposit before even receiving the notification letter by mail.


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Wasn't exactly marking the calendar or anything, but yeah, might've been a tad more than a week.

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My retroactive backpay took quite a lot longer than other people's, long enough that I had to call in, only to get a generic response. In total, I think my wait was around 3, pushing 4, weeks.

I suspect that because mine was a more complex case of adding dependents that otherwise had no SSNs at the time of the claim, to backpay for them too, and the fact that it was a nearly a 15 year long appeals process ending at the VLJ. As such, there probably needed to be an audit of the amount you can only guess showed up in my bank account before making the disbursement.