Veterans Disability Attorneys: A Must-See & Growing List


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Which law firm do you recommend for VA hearing appeals?​

A very common feeler that Veterans put out are requests for recommendations on good lawyers or law firms with expertise in Veterans Affairs compensation and pension (C&P) claims processes. Lawyers can be helpful with initiating a new claim as well as assisting with a claim's appellate process.

As many Vets have used representation with their claims, you can only imagine the countless number of attorneys that can be listed here over time as the list continually grows.

Rolodex of Veteran representatives​

As for now, we'll keep our Rolodex limited to five firms. As a new website, it is important to note that none of the firms listed in this post or subsequent replies are sponsors; I am not getting anything except the satisfaction of helping another Veteran try to navigate the system as I did.

Firm / LawyerPhone
Jan Dils Attorneys(877) 232-1486
Hill & Ponton(877) 683-3983
Veterans Law Group(888)-811-0523
Morgan & Morgan(877) 504-6923
Berry Law Firm(888) 682-0786
These lawyers/firms are in no particular order. They will also be randomly shuffled at times to give everyone equal exposure. I have not used any of these firms, so please do your own due diligence on them.

Pro-tip about Veteran lawyers​

Remember, good lawyers come in all shapes and sizes, but they might not be the right one for your case. Be sure to contact more than one to discuss your claim's progress and, more importantly, to see if that representative or law firm is best suited for your case.

Cross-practicing representatives​

A lot of lawyers practice law in both the Veterans Affairs claims space as well as SSI/SSDI with the Social Security Administration. Depending on your disability status, you may want to retain a lawyer or firm that is in both practices. The VA follows Title 38 Code of Federal Regulations for claims while the Social Security Administration uses the "Blue Book" a/k/a the Disability Evaluation Under Social Security to determine eligibility, both vastly differing, and why you may need more than one rep.