The VA’s Online Cemetery Now Includes Details on 500,000 More Veterans


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The Department of Veterans Affairs has announced the expansion of their Veterans Legacy Memorial (VLM) website, which now contains individual webpages for nearly 4.5 million veterans interred in national, state, territorial and tribal veterans cemeteries.
The just-announced expansion added individual webpages for nearly 500,000 veterans interred in 93 state, territorial and tribal veterans cemeteries to the existing four million webpages for veterans interred in VA's 155 national cemeteries.
"VLM offers families a meaningful way to pay tribute to our veterans," Matthew Quinn, VA under secretary for memorial affairs, said in a press release. "Because of the expansion of VLM to VA grant-funded State, Territorial and Tribal Veterans cemeteries, many families -- including my own -- will have the opportunity to memorialize their veterans online."