Cyber awareness for official VA accounts (eBenefits, etc.)


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You may be putting yourself at risk of liabilities if you, an authorized user of a U.S. Government computer system such as eBenefits, etc. allow any third parties access to the systems.

As a Veteran with accounts on these platforms, you may be putting yourself in a compromising situation by sharing your login information.

Anyone that is able to log in under your user credentials will be able to view your claims information. However, that's not all that they can do on your behalf. The unauthorized user may be able to start new claims, add and remove dependents, and even change your direct deposit information.

Be careful of who you're sharing your information with!

You shouldn't have to share credentials with anyone. If you are working a claim with an accredited advocate (VSO, claims agent, or attorney), they will be able to access the necessary information without your login information as they have access to VBMS (Veterans Benefits Management System).