C-file Requests


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As of April 2020, the VA now has VA Form 20-10206 that is specifically used to get copies of:
  1. Claims file (C-File)
  2. Service treatment records/military treatment records
  3. Vocational rehabilitation and employment records
  4. Pension benefit documents
  5. DD-214
  6. Life insurance records
  7. Fiduciary services records
  8. Education benefit records
  9. Human resources records
  10. Home loan benefit records
  11. Military to civilian transition (TAP) documents
  12. Financial records
  13. Life insurance benefit records
  14. Disability examinations (C&P exams)
A Veteran, survivor, or advocate can make the requests with each item on the list above as a separate submission. The address, fax number, and email address are on the form itself for you to mail, fax, or email it in.

There is no need to submit another request if you already have one pending.


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