announcement Building a More Inclusive Environment for Veterans and Families

This is JVHV announcement pertaining to the community or forum
Just Veterans Helping Veterans forum update regarding rank and military affiliationAfter thoughtful consideration, we've decided to evolve the way our community represents itself. As such, we've retired the rank badges and branch banners from our profiles, features we introduced not but two months ago.

For some, our military backgrounds form a significant part of our identities. However, the heart of Just Veterans Helping Veterans is our commitment to supporting one another, including the cherished family members of veterans, in accessing and maximizing veteran benefits. We've come to realize that the badges and banners, while they can be a source of pride, might inadvertently create a barrier for some, especially family members who might feel distanced by the emphasis on military rank or affiliation.

We want to assure everyone that this change does not detract from the honor we hold for your service stories and experiences. We continue to encourage sharing your journey in the "About You" section of your profile, your signature, or introductory posts.

This reversal is aimed at reinforcing the unity and support that are the pillars of our community. By focusing more on what unites us, including the families that stand behind every veteran, we believe we can create a more inclusive, supportive and informative environment for all.

Thank you for your understanding and for the invaluable role you play in our community. Together, we create a space that is supportive and strong, built on the shared foundation of service and sacrifice.


I noticed the insignia was gone and was wondering about it. Removing them makes sense, especially with dependents coming in to ask about VA benefits.